Sunbury Generation LP
Sunbury Generation LP owns the deactivated coal fired power plant in Shamokin Dam Borough and Monroe Township, Pennsylvania. Operation of the powerplant ceased in March, 2014 and the power plant was formally deactivated in July, 2014.

The 216 -acre site is being redeveloped for industrial and commercial use and is designated as a Pennsylvania, Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone (KOEZ). Businesses located in a KOEZ are eligible to receive significant state and local tax benefits.

As a part of the deactivation of the power plant, the former coal yard is being managed under the Pennsylvania Act-2 Land Recycling Program, which allows the voluntary cleanup and reuse of contaminated industrial and commercial properties.

The ash disposal area located on the property is being closed as a solid waste impoundment under the authority of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.